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 I see health care as a human right, not a privilege.  I believe the basic coverage features of the Affordable Care Act should remain, and Congress should work to establish health care for all. Every other advanced country in the world has found a way to accomplish this goal and I believe America can, too. This is most likely to happen through use of a single-payer system (like Medicare) to cover everyone. It would increase access to preventative care, and decrease the need to only treat people when they’re sick.



I support, and would work toward, the development and implementation of a path to citizenship, which would help provide a solution for illegal immigration. The system would have strict guidelines and depend on a strong e-verify program for employers. It’s estimated undocumented workers make up one-half of our local agricultural workforce. Without them, our economy would collapse. Deporting eleven million people across the nation is expensive and not practical. We are a country of immigrants and we need to solve the current crisis by electing leaders who understand the human, economic and cultural implications of the issue.


Climate Change:

I believe climate change is one of the most significant issues facing us today, both regionally and around the world. It is real and it is a threat to our farms, forests, fisheries and the health of our citizens. This is often framed as a contest between jobs and the environment. The truth is, study after study has shown reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, and transitioning to clean energy, can have enormous economic benefits. We have a moral obligation to our children to leave them a future with a vibrant, clean-energy economy and a stable, healthy climate. Working in a bi-partisan manner to find smart solutions to climate change will be among my top priorities.


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